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About Crossfit Perservere


We offer small classes to provide you personalized training to ensure you learn the basics of CrossFit. Workouts can be easily scaled for beginners or advanced CrossFitters. In each class, Coach Tommy will guide you through short, intense workouts that will build your strength and endurance. We will push you further than you ever thought you could!

If you bring a friend, you can earn a referral bonus! You both win! We believe in honoring our military and First-Responders with special discounts

Kim Malz

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Certified Health Teacher Pre-K through Grade 12, Red Cross CPR/AED Certified

Athletic Experience: Former Gymnast, Gymnastics Coach, been a gym rat since college days

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Fran and anything with pull ups

Least Favorite CrossFit WOD: anything involving running…man I try, but running is so not my wheel house!

Achievements: Connecticut Gymnastics Coach of the Year~large school division 2004 and 2006, kickin’ some serious cancer A** since July 18, 2007

I started dabbling in CrossFit Winter 2008 after being introduced to the CrossFit methodology by my husband, Russ. It was April 12, 2008 when my sister in law (and super loyal friend!) said “C’mon Kimmie, lets just follow the WOD’s for 6 weeks and see what how we like it!” I haven’t felt so challenged and eager to work out each day until CrossFit!

Russ and I have three girls~Rielly age 8, Kacey age 7, and Mallory age 5. They like to follow the CrossFit Kids WOD or make up their own from time to time!

My husband Russ, kids, Cindy, and MANY supportive friends and family members have been instrumental through my breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and learning to navigate my way through a new “normal”. I hope to be able to reach out to a community of men and women with various fitness ranges. I’d like to give hope and promise to them that with focus, motivation, encouragement from others, and a sense of humor CrossFit~the sport of fitness is different, challenging, and even fun! CrossFit has helped me regain that “fire in your belly” attitude towards fitness since cancer recovery.

I welcome the opportunity to help you within your fitness journey!



Russ Malz

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Athletic Experience: Black Belt TKD, Former Division 1 Cross Country ,Track

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Murph (I just love this workout)

Least Favorite CrossFit WOD: Heavy Dead Lifts. (Still working on my form

Working a corporate job traveling the United States, and eating out on average 18 times a week, I decided I needed to find the ultimate fitness workout to keep me the fittest possible in the least amount of time. I developed this workout: 1/2 of strength (Pullups, pushups, walking overhead lunges), 1/2 hour of varied cardio, 15 minutes of stretching. 75 min – pretty darn good.

Then I met Carlos Cashman, and he introduced me to CrossFit, which I tried – and I was instantly certain this was a superior system to what I had developed. Bumbling through my first few months, I made good gains, my brother Will and I got certified, our wives got into it, we adapted the Zone…. and after 1 1/2 years, all of us are fitter, more knowledgeable, and healthier than we had been! Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is a system that, at 45 years old, has allowed me to become extremely fit, feel younger, and do more. It’s very efficient, and I’ve become a more complete athlete because of it. It reminds me of martial arts – as there is an attention to detail required to understand the movements – I never knew how difficult some of the Olympic lifts were! Regardless of where you are in life, if you want to take your game, your health, or your fitness to the next level, CrossFit is a GREAT way to do it.

And, when my wife told me her passion was to share CrossFit with others, and she wanted to train, it was an instant “Yes” decision. CrossFit has had a very positive impact on me, my wife, and my family, and I look forward to sharing and helping others as we continue our most excellent CrossFit Journey! We are all our own yardstick: once you’ve defined success, CrossFit is a great vehicle to take you there.

Always Persevere.



Established in 2018.

CrossFit Persevere is dedicated to building a community of athletes, united with a common goal of improving health. To “persevere” means “to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty”, and in life, in and out of the gym, we are called to persevere.

Our goal is to make you strong in mind, body, and spirit. Each day, at CrossFit Persevere, will be a unique combination of metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting movements. These three modalities encompass a full spectrum of strength, endurance, and range of motion, which promotes longevity and quality of life. All classes are scaled to your current fitness level.

Our coach will guide you step by step through the efficiency in movement, and be with you every step of the way to motivate and help you achieve your goals.

You will work at your own fitness level, be challenged according to your own intensity level, and have tons of encouragement and support from an awesome community.

CrossFit Persevere 2.0

CrossFit Persevere is a CrossFit affiliate. Each affiliate has it’s own community-based personality, and as we grow we will continue to evolve. At this point, there are several concepts that we focus on.

  1. We are extremely inclusive. We have members ranging in age from 10-70, and we actively work with members to tailor workouts to meet their needs. We invite everyone to try CrossFit!
  2. “You are your own Yardstick”. We encourage all members to set their own fitness goals, to commit to their unique goals, and to be the measure of their own success. We’ve seen members achieve amazing things: women over 40 doing pullups, and hitting 225 yard drives; athletes loosing 50 pounds in under a year, 400+ pound dead lifts, and success in CrossFit competitions. Whatever your fitness goal, CrossFit can acelerate your attainment.
  3. Proper form is extremely important. We emphasize proper technique – particularly when lifting weights. We’d rather see an athlete take their time, and progress, then suffer an injury from improper form. Our coaches on the floor are certified, and they continually look to transfer skills, and help members improve their form.

Background of CrossFit Persevere

The idea of CrossFit Persevere started in December, 2008, when Kim decided she wanted to help people achieve success in their lives through CrossFit. As many of you know, we experienced quite a bit of growth, and were forced to move to commercial space in the spring of 2009.

The purpose of this letter is to explain to all of our members where we are, where we intend to go, and what changes we plan to make in our evolution to CrossFit Persevere 2.0. I am writing this letter because our community is critical to the success of CrossFit Persevere, and Kim and I want to be fully transparent, and to invite your feedback as we evolve.

Vision for CrossFit Persevere

First, we have decided to put in place a series of actions over the next three months that we believe will significantly improve CrossFit Persevere, and your experience as a member, and an athlete.

Our intent is to provide more structure, more coaching, and make it easier to improve your crossfit skills. Following crossfit best practices based on discussions with head quarters and a number of successfully affiliates, we plan to also introduce more structured classes.

We realize this will require some changes to our current operations, and may take some getting use to from all of us (including me).

Second, we plan to increase our hours, offer more group and one on one coaching, and as a result increase our membership. Our goal is to have 60 members by September. If we achieve this goal, we plan to invest in our facility, and in new equipment – both of which should improve all members crossfit experience.

Some of the investments I’d like to make include installing a shower, knocking down the long wall, buying a climbing rope, getting more / faster jump ropes, and additional boxes for box jumps.

We are very open to feedback here, and I would be happy to make our wish list public, and heavily weight feedback from the community as we invest.

Key Actions

  • Put in place a lead trainer / manager for the next three months. I’m really excited that Caleb Diebolt as agreed to this role. In this role, Caleb will be primarily focused on increasing membership, structuring night classes, running Sunday at the gym, and improving the facility.
  • More structured classes. On Saturday and Sunday, we are going to a more structured format. This means you can sign up for a slot at a certain time (for example, 9:00am). At that time, there will be a “coach” who will review skills as appropriate, get WOD-specific equipment ready, start the workout, and time the athletes. You should be able to get through a warmup, workout, and cool down in an hour. This structure should reduce wait time. Skills transfer should improve technique.
  • New web-site design. More on this later. We are in development, but hope to get the new site up by the end of next week.
  • Free classes on weekends. Every Saturday at 11:00am, we will have a free crossfit class. We encourage all members to bring friends, or people who might be interested. This class will be run by Russ. The 1 hour class will include warm up, some skills review (audience-dependant), and a workout. This class will be intended to get an introduction to CrossFit – the workout will be about 20 – 30 minutes, and will not be designed to “kill” people, but rather to expose interested people to CrossFit.
  • More group activities / team events. We will look for opportunities to divide up into teams, and do group workouts / team workouts. We see this as increasing the fun of crossfit – which is one of our goals.
  • Improved house keeping. In addition to putting away our barbells and weights, we need to put other equipment in it’s proper place. As we make a few improvements, including painting, etc… we ask that we all work together to keep equipment in it’s proper place. In addition, we will be making general improvements – adding paint, etc.. to improve the gym’s appearance, and usability. (ie. We may move some equipment to a new or better home.)
  • Competitive classes. If you are interested in competing, or looking for more of a challenge than the WOD provides, we will be providing competitive class. These workouts are not for everyone – and are likely to be Saturday at noon, and Sunday at 11:30AM.

Again, our goal is to evolve to CrossFit Persevere 2.0 in the next 90 days (by mid-September, 2010), improve your experience, and make sure that all members can best achieve their goals – whatever they are. Caleb’s passion for CrossFit is outstanding, and his leadership (and energy) in helping us evolve and drive this transformation is critical.

We’ve seen some outstanding improvements in performance – ranging from athletes’ loosing 50 pounds, doing a first pullup, doing a first muscle-up, hitting a 225 yard drive, and qualifying for various CrossFit competitions.

Please help us by providing feedback and ideas, working with us as we transform, and bringing new members!

Best wishes for your continued good health!